Property Maintenance

Our company strives to ensure the property is maintained to our clients satisfaction through contracting services such as snow removal, lawn maintenance, landscaping, construction renovations, etc.

Tenant Management

Our company strives to establish a good business relationship with our tenants and to be constantly engage with the tenants throughout the duration of their lease. We offer the following services:

  1. Lease Management - manage and enforce the business relationship that was established through the lease between the landlord and tenant.
  2. Lease Renewal Negotiations - negotiate lease renewals with the tenant as required by the landlord.
  3. Day to Day Tenant Engagement - resolve any issues that are brought forth by the tenant and to keep an open line of communication with tenants to ensure their issues have been properly addressed.

Unit Maintenance

Our goal is to provide a professional cleaning service to the landlord to keep all empty units clean when the landlord has assumed control of the units.


Our company has experience in leading renovation projects for individual unit renovation to renovating the entire building. Our focus is on timely execution and quality for our clients.